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Key Card Information

All Aberdeen Residents will need to come to the Amenity Center and complete the new form to receive access to in our system! This will be required of anyone that is a new resident/tenant in Aberdeen. 

To obtain your Key Card you must have the following:

  • All residents/tenants of the household who are planning to use the Amenity Center must be present and/or in the photo to create a Photo ID (family photos may be sent via e-mail at the time of your visit.)
  • Your current Key Cards will be updated in the new system (We are still using the same cards. If you need to purchase a new card please let us know during your visit.  The price is $25 per card.) If you are a brand new resident you will be issued 2 complimentary cards.  Tenants leasing in Aberdeen will receive 1 complimentary card.
  • All 18+ residents/tenants need to have a Driver’s License to verify address.

Brand New Residents/Tenants Only must also have:

  • A Copy of a Resident HUD Statement for proof of ownership, or
  • A Copy of a Lease Agreement.

If you would like to complete your form at home, please download and complete the form.
.  Forms are also available at the Amenity Center.

Don’t forget if you have not updated your access cards you will need to complete this task before gaining access to our facility!

Additional Key Card Information

Planning on Moving:

Please return your Key Cards to the Amenity Center so we may remove you from the system and deactivate the cards.

Planning on Leasing Your Property:

 Please return 1 of your Key Cards to the Amenity Center so we may reactivate the card under your tenant’s information.

– Aberdeen Management