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Aberdeen Health & Fitness CenterOur new treadmills have a low step-up height and UltraZone cushioning that will allow all our users easier access and the most cushion at the point of impact for a comfortable workout. Hand grips allow for convenient control of elevation and speed changes  The extra-large display makes it easy to view time, distance, calories, speed, incline, pace, heart rate.  Built-in contact grips and a telemetric receiver monitor the user’s heart rate.  Each treadmill is also complete with 5 preset workout programs and personal televisions for exercise enjoyment.

Aberdeen Health & Fitness CenterOur new elliptical machines have electromagnetic generator systems which offer a great workout without the need for an external power source.  Developed through extensive research on biomechanics and ergonomics, the PerfectStride motion provides the most natural and correct full body movement in an elliptical trainer.  An easy to read display provides workout feedback including time, distance, speed, resistance, level control, ROM, METS, Watts and heart rate featuring.  Each treadmill is also complete with 12 preset workout programs and personal televisions for exercise enjoyment.

We also offer both the recumbent bike and upright for those that enjoy fitness cycling.  The recumbent bike provides easy access, with up to 43 different resistance levels and is perfect for beginners or those recovering from an injury.  The upright bike provides an ergonomic cycling saddle and mirco-adjustable handlebar and seat sliders allow users to find their perfect riding position.  The friction breaking system allows for a smooth and consistent ride.

Aberdeen Health and Fitness CenterWe have three stand alone weight machines to allow our users the ability to be able to target their specific weight lifting needs.  We have a cable and pulley system with a swiveling accessory station that accommodates over 8 different training handles and attachments.  The equipment also includes both a multi-grip pull-up bar and unique rock climbing attachment for better grip strength.

Additional fitness equipment is available to include a Bosu and Exercise Ball.